Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Not particularly healthy but...

Bobby is not a particularly healthy eating sort of guy... we eat meat, cheese and all the bad stuff for you. I think he feels since his diet is so limited already it's hardly worth cutting out other foods. I was vegan for a while in college, but got really really sick. Then, when living in India I got even sicker, with the dread bloody poo, and the only thing that would stick for longer than 5 minutes in my guts was holy cow. Great weight loss plan, the dysentery.
One thing we've always avoided since finding out he is a Celiac (2 years ago now) is fast food. We had been working under the mistaken assumption that mono-sodium glutamate was a form of gluten for most of those two years. Recently I was re-reading "The Gluten Free Bible" (an excellent resource for anybody with a Celiac in the family) and under the things to be wary of monosodium glutamate was not listed. I sat in shock... had we been avoiding things like salad dressings in restaurants (meaning a many dry salad for Bobby) for no reason? Admittedly I had been confused that things containing MSG did not have a warning saying they contained wheat, but I figured it was an oversight on everybody elses part. (Everybody else does not have a highly allergic GFhubby!) After more research I found out the truth. Although a rather nasty additive, it is still safe for Bobby to eat.
Which meant, besides dressings, a couple of cereals (that Hippy cereal is BAD man!) he can now once again purchase terrible tacos and nachos at Taco Bell.
We are going to Burning Man again this year. Last year we couldn't go for a myriad of reasons including a huge licensing exam for my job and our wedding. The year before we went, but it was right before he was diagnosed, so we didn't eat wheat-free yet. I am a bit worried about what we will eat for 7-10 days of camping in the desert. It's an entirely pack-it-in sort of environment. I'm obviously going to make some GF-noodles and other things like that, but I've no real grand ideas. However, since the re-admittance of Taco-Bell into our diet the 28 hour drive is saved from starvation. Roadside convenience, people.
Any camping food ideas would be welcome!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Major Overhaul...

We've finally got the internet at our house... so I'm almost ready to begin blogging our foodie adventures, GF style. Still have a few kinks to work out, such as weather or not I like the background I made. It may be too dark. I've always loved white backgrounded web-pages, so am a little hesitant to dip my toes into a colored background... especially one so busy as this.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


We recently went to a
GF cooking class at the local health food store, called the Merc, where the instructor introduced us to an interesting new food, mochi. Mochi is a glutenous rice (no, not bad gluten) which has been compacted into bricks. You cut it into small cubes and put it in the oven or in a waffle iron. As it heats up it expands significantly. Then you can stuff it or top it with a variety of things. I've been eating it for breakfast for the past week cooked on a waffle iron (which makes it look like mini-waffles) topped with cream cheese, cinnamon and honey. We are currently trying the Cinnamon and raisin version, but they've a wide variety of versions listed on their website.
Best of all, it's really quick to cook on the waffle iron (takes about 5 minutes I'd say) so it's easy for me to make while still mostly asleep.

The only one I'd be wary of would be the wheatgrass and mugwort flavored version, but quite frankly that sounds rather horrid anyway.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Welcome to Wheatstate

My husband is a celiac, which means he is highly allergic to wheat, wheat gluten and a whole host of other grains with gluten (the stuff that makes pizza dough stretch). We living in Kansas, also lovingly known as the Wheatstate. The purpose of this blog is to share our successes and failures while living gluten free.
I live gluten free at home (except for the frozen Super Pretzels I keep to eat while Bob is at work or otherwisedly busy) and am working towards living gluten free all the time. I've read that it's the best support a spouse can give, to live gluten free.