Wednesday, January 24, 2007


We recently went to a
GF cooking class at the local health food store, called the Merc, where the instructor introduced us to an interesting new food, mochi. Mochi is a glutenous rice (no, not bad gluten) which has been compacted into bricks. You cut it into small cubes and put it in the oven or in a waffle iron. As it heats up it expands significantly. Then you can stuff it or top it with a variety of things. I've been eating it for breakfast for the past week cooked on a waffle iron (which makes it look like mini-waffles) topped with cream cheese, cinnamon and honey. We are currently trying the Cinnamon and raisin version, but they've a wide variety of versions listed on their website.
Best of all, it's really quick to cook on the waffle iron (takes about 5 minutes I'd say) so it's easy for me to make while still mostly asleep.

The only one I'd be wary of would be the wheatgrass and mugwort flavored version, but quite frankly that sounds rather horrid anyway.

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