Friday, June 20, 2008

Meta: Goals

In order to save money and time (and hours of listlessly staring into the depths of the fridge, indecisive as to what to make...) I've started making a menu each week. I find interesting recipes, print them off, compile a list of needed ingredients and ONLY BUY THOSE THINGS at the store. I generally find about 7 different menu items and then post the menus on the fridge. Now, instead of staring into the fridge we can choose from the list. Each day the decision gets easier. I also list the estimated time it takes to make a meal (as my hubby and I both work, and I generally don't want an hour in the kitchen after a day in the office) to better determine what to eat on a particular night.

This weeks Menu:

Grilled Veggie Pizza Alfredo -45 min

Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad and Golden Raisin Applesauce muffins -30 min

Vegetable Cobbler -1 hr

Roasted Salmon and New Potatoes (with spring greens, not arugula) -30 min

Fish Tacos & Cheesy Corn -45 min

GF Fusilli with Sausage Artichokes and Sun Dried Tomatoes -30 min

Baked Potato Bar -15 min

Over the weeks I've saved the successful recipes and tossed the less-than successful ones. My goal now is to photo those successes and post them on here. Eventually I'd like to math out how many calories is in each meal per serving so I can easily schedule the number of calories I ingest per day. I'll be able to easily compile a list of delicious foods per cooking time and calorie count.

Per Dr. Weil I'm trying to incorporate fish into our diets at least once a week. I'm also trying to avoid meat as much as possible. My hubby (the Celiac) feels that he is already stricken with the gluten free curse, and is against more limitations to his diet. I would prefer to not eat any meats but chicken and fish.

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