Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Menu 9/9/2008

So the internet STILL is out of our reach at our house. The only company that thinks they *might* be able to give us service is very slow in response. It's very frustrating, especially with the amount of research that a GF life (with variety) requires. Blergh.

My dad recently started working at a medical lab, and I went and visited him on our vacation. They drew my blood and did blood tests. I'm a type A+ and my blood is healthy. I even got to look at a slide with my blood cells! It was very cool. While there I talked to the Dr. at the lab who recommeded I read "Eat Right for Your Type" a dietary book based on the idea of how human blood types evolved- from type O (the original blood type) to living in a community and being dependent on grains and crops (type A) to domesticating and herding animals (type B). Type AB is more recent resulting on a mash of types A and B. I'm not very far into the book and I'm wishing we'd blood typed Bob (I'm almost positive he'd type O, as often type O and B have trouble with wheat gluten). I've thought so much about his intolerances that I'd never given real thought of my own! Type A are supposed to stay away from meat (which I don't particularly like any way) and do low stress exercises such as yoga. There are many more strictures, but I've really not read that far into the book. However, so far I'd recommend you pick it up. Surely the anthropological study of the movement and evolution of blood types is enough to interest anybody (or anybody with an anthropology degree- read: me).

So we are back to the grind after weeks of prep for our trip. Our first weeks menu is scant, as we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary next Tuesday and so will probably be going out to eat.

Menu 9/9/2008

Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe - 15 min

Breaded Beef Fillets with Side Salad - 20 min

Garlic Shrimp over Alfredo Pasta - 30 min

Veggie Pizza - 30 min

Chicken Kebabs with Rice

Chilled Red Bell Pepper and Habanero Soup with Pear Polenta Muffins - 1 hr (note this recipe uses a lot of tomatoes... hopefully some olds will bring me more!)

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