Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Menu - Starting out the New Year

The internets are back at our house!
Big changes in the new year. We think Bob is allergic to dairy now as well as gluten. I've mixed feelings as to what, specifically in dairy products it could be. It could be casein, the protein that is shaped similarly to gluten, or lactose, an allergy more likely to strike the already fragile Celiac digestive system. I've written much more elaborately about it here. If he is only allergic to lactose it is a much more manageable allergy. Humans have evolved many ways of changing dairy products into lactose free foods (hardened cheeses, yogurt etc.) which would mean with some careful planning we could still cook with some dairy products. If it turns out he is allergic to casein, it's another whole food group we've got to get rid of.
I've also decided to stop feeding our hard earned moneys into the disgusting meat-packing industry. I haven't decided if this will extend to just halting meat consumption, or limiting it to a few locally raised animals insured a healthy outdoor farm life and a humane death. Honestly, I am practical. Bob's Celiac's disease is far more important than any morally based dietary restrictions I might have. I will consider raising our own meat or insuring our meat is local. I will continue to eat seafood, attempting to eat locally caught fish or responsibly caught fish. However, my stance on the actual meat-packing industry stays firm. It's gross and horrible.
We are going to visit my dad in Colorado in the beginning of February, and do not intend to get Bob checked for a casein/lactose allergy until after we get back. As such, I am enjoying a week of a fair few dairy products before the inevitable fall into the abyss.

Here's our weekly menu for this week-


Veggie Pizza- Fresh Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Basil, artichoke hearts- 30 minutes

Tom Kha soup with Veggie Fried Rice -15-30 minutes (make extra rice, bob makes Chicken, we are still using our leftover frozen meats )

Vegetarian Vietnamese Salad 30-45 minutes

Eggplant Lasagna 1 hr

Tempeh with Rice and Spinach- 30 min (pg 675 How to Cook Everything Vegetarian)

Alfredo Noodles with Shrimp - 30 minutes

Pan Fried Locally Caught Fish with Coleslaw -30 minutes

Grilled Veggie Pizza (probably a Friday dish)

Baked Potato Bar

Dessert- Ambrosia 1 hr


Bob said...

I had no idea you were bloging on this agai. Its admitidly been a couple of months since you last blogged here, but the internet hasn't been exaclty steller. But it does seem to stay on and work at all times now. Hopefully when spring comes we can get it working 'faster' / connect to 3G all the time (with a good connection).

Hua said...

Your weekly menu looks delicious. Are you going to post recipes to go with them? Your Tempeh with Rice and Spinach dish sounds like something I would enjoy.

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